apt-get for Windows: Ninite gets command-line app selection

We’re incredibly excited about this announcement because we think it’s a giant advance for application management and third-party patching on Windows. Ninite One now supports selecting applications to install or update on the command-line.

When you combine this with Ninite’s /silent switch you pretty much get Ubuntu/Debian’s apt-get for Windows. Let’s install Firefox, Flash, Java, Dropbox, and Skype. It’s as simple as:

"Ninite One.exe" /select Firefox Flash Java Dropbox Skype /silent report.txt

Or maybe you just want to update the over 80 apps Ninite supports. That’s just:

"Ninite One.exe" /updateonly /silent report.txt

Ninite checks the installed apps and updates any that are out-of date. The apps don’t even have to have been installed with Ninite, it works with whatever is on the machine already.

You can even generate a report of the installed apps and whether they can be upgraded with:

"Ninite One.exe" /audit /silent audit.txt

We worked closely with some large IT departments and Managed Service Providers to develop these new features. Ninite’s incredible flexibility on the command-line is a huge win for anyone managing PCs through an RMM tool or other remote access utility.

You can read about all the details and more great things you can do with Ninite at our completely redesigned Ninite Help Page.

Ninite One is a free download for Ninite Pro subscribers.

We still believe that the web interface at http://ninite.com is easiest for home, non-professional users. Free Ninite installers do not have command-line selection or the /silent switch.

We have integrated our version checking into the free installers though, so if apps are up-to-date they’ll be skipped. Since Ninite installers always get the latest versions of apps regardless of when they were made this makes it even easier to keep apps up-to-date by periodically running a Ninite installer.

As always, apps are installed cleanly without toolbars or other junk. People around the globe trust Ninite to install well over 3 million apps every month.

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